Understanding Your Website Visitors

Google Analytics is the key to a thorough understanding of the visitors that come to you website and how they interact with it and how it interacts with them. Because without a thorough understanding you website will be the best that it can be.


Key Metrics

There are a number of metrics that Google Analytics keeps track of and that you need to understand to come to grips with interpreting: channels, UTM tags, sessions, pageviews, bounce rate, etc.  I can put together a monthly report package that covers all aspects of this in regards to your site and your visitors.

Planning Your Content

Google Analytics offers a lot of data that can allow you to better plan the content for your website so it more accurately matches up with your intended audience and those visitors that come to your site. This can help your website get higher listings in the search engines too.

Personal Customizations

I can completely customize the Google Analytics Dashboard to better suit what results you want to see and should be seeing easily and quickly; after all, time is money they say. Further, automated emails can send your customized reports on a set schedule so you never forget to see the data on what’s happening with your website.

ROI Conversions

The best way to determine if your website is successful is by measuring all your goals and seeing what conversions are (or, are not) happening. This can include PPC vs. Social Media conversions and other such events.